Monday, August 16, 2010

Excursion to Chosica, July 1928

(L-R) Herbert Money, Boy Scouts Galanza, Moran, and Patino, Isabel Rodrigues

Staff (L-R) Isabel Rodrigues, Miss MacCulloch, Mr Renwick, Herbert Money, Miss More

He had in fact taken a group of Scouts out on an excusrion one week after arriving in Lima. This extract from a letter home the week following the adventure.

30 August 1927
Dear Dad
I had a very good lesson over the weekend. Monday is a fiesta – we only have twenty saints days during the school year and all of them are compulsory. The Scouts – quite an unofficial body which exists in our school for the purpose of making camping excursions to various places round about – wanted badly to go to Choisica – a place about forty five miles inland, up the River Rimac, and as no one here was able to go with them I took them.  It was great being out with a crowd of boys speaking another language but we got on alright. They behaved themselves well, not causing any trouble and I learned a lot of Spanish into the bargain. We set off at six o’clock in the evening on Friday and walked until midnight when we arrived at a little place called Santa Clara – about half way.  Here we camped along the railway line, flanked on either side by extensive sugar cane plantations. They irrigate all this land of course otherwise cultivation would be impossible.

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