Monday, November 2, 2009

The Artist

Herbert was an accomplished artist. He sketched and etched from very early days. He was an enthusiastic learner and was always keen to work in new ways and new medium. He was keen on water colour and oils but did like working in pencil. Some well remembered lessons came from Herb when pulled out a carpenter’s pencil and very cleverly showed what could be done with a broad piece of pencil lead. He was once introduced to the famous New Zealand landscape painter Aston Greathead who very generously handed some of his paintings to Herb and invited him to copy them. Ever keen to keep learning and refining his technique Herb took the most of this opportunity. I am not sure if this is a copy of Aston but it does reveal some of Herb’s talent. So too this etching of the Inferniello Bridge in Peru.(via Bramwell Cook)

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