Sunday, October 11, 2009

Dunedin International Exhibition 1925-1926

At this time it was Dunedin's turn to hold an International Exhibition, so we visited this on our way back to Christchurch [from Milford Sound]. Later that same year I was to make a second visit to the Exhibition with a group of students from the Christchurch Technical College, the Government having made special arrangements for both our travel and hospitality. We had our meals at the Exhibition restaurant and seemed to be fed principally on sausages and tomatoes. Probably this is somewhat of an exaggeration but the fact remains that these two items were what we remembered most. Mr Joyce, the College Registrar, being somewhat of a poetical turn of mind, found this circumstance sufficiently inspiring to commemorate it in verse. This is what he wrote on his serviette:

The butcher kills the pensive pig
And cuts of ears and feet,
And into sausage turns them both,
Thus making both ends meat.

The Exhibition's waitresses
Whose waitresses are sweet,
Serves sausages at every meal,
Thus making both ends meet.

Perhaps I should have added that the male members of the party were also loud in their praises of the waitresses, more so than the butchers.

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